Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Music Appreciation

An amazing way to teach (and learn yourself) music appreciation is through this AMAZING site I ran into:
I was looking for the best way to teach Elisa about diferent composers and their music but I didn't know much about this myself. So, I looked up different things like: Teach children music, composers for kids, etc... Until I found this website, which I think is perfect because it goes by a composer per month and does a radio show (podcast) per week talking about the composer, his music, the time period he was in, etc... It also offers a quiz on the composer, a timeline, lesson plans for parents who homeschool, activity sheets, music to listen to, info on instruments, and games.
It's great to listen to the shows as a whole family because I'm sure everyone in the family can get alot of of it. We have listened to some even with my husband, before he left in the morning, and we all enjoyed it. I started with Johann Strauss Jr. and loved it!!!

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