Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due.

Starting a blog is one of the many things I've decided to do after being inspired by a very special person. Well, I just felt that before I get deep into posting blog after blog I need to give a little credit to whom deserves it. Susy Richmond, my sister in-law, has inspired me because she has managed to homeschool her 6 yr old very efficiently while keeping her supplies neatly in their place, keeps a house very well, takes care of adventureous twins, cooks amazing dishes, teaches at a co-op, takes the time to do on-hand activities with her kids, and then manages to write a blog about their life. Talk about inspiring! Anyhow, After spending some time with them a few weekends ago I decided to simply follow her way of doing things and I should be safe, right? I mean, if her method seems to be working so well for her, why shouldn't it work for me? So I decided to spend the next few days studying the Charlotte Mason way of homeschooling (which is what she uses), ordering the books it requires, calling her dozens of times for info and advice, making a weekly calendar similar to hers (a whole planning book quite like hers to be more exact), etc. To make the story short, I've pretty much decided it'd be much funner to go through things together, good or bad, specially having daughters in the same grade. I'm really looking forward to this school yr and am having lots of fun already!
Thanks Susy, it's great to have a sister in law like you!!! (My other sister in-laws are great too ofcourse)


  1. Awww, thanks Raquel. You are so sweet, I'm getting teary eyed just reading your post!

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